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Friday, 6 January 2012

AN - What needs to be done

With the coursework deadline in seven weeks and a day's time, here is what our group has currently done so far:

Brainstorm of music video ideas
Lesson on narrative & digipaks

Director case studies (Francis LawrenceSpike JonzeJonas Akerlund)
4 podcasts
1 Vodcast (which STILL needs to be uploaded)
Codes & Conventions of Girlbands (40% done)
Destiny's Child Research and background information
Setting up the company blog
Digipak codes and conventions
Digipak design ideas
Magazine Ads research
Setting up a Facebook page
Sample footage

Here's what we need to do now:

Finish off girl groups codes and conventions
Analyse five different digipaks
Possible deconstructions of girlband music videos
Location scouting
Lyrics sheets
More podcasts and vodcasts
Influences on our music video
Digipak creation
Magazine ad research part 2
Magazine ad creation
Rough cut of music video

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