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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

What Influenced my Idea.

Ever since the Spice Girls were spreading 'girl power' across the country as well as many others at that! I knew that girl bands were one of my favourites when it came to my taste in music!
Then came along other girl bands such as The SaturdaysGirls Aloud, & the Sugababes. All very well known and because of this the were automatically a role model for young girls.
Watching their music videos over the years I have noticed things that the "typical" girl band will include sexy outfits, lots of make up, usually they will dance, and good looking boys are used in the videos.
My influence for Destinys Child song, Emotion was from all these videos. Seeing the matching outfits, glitz and glamour. This is how I imagined my video to be.
The common shot types used in girl band video's and usually a close up on specific body parts like, legs, chest, lips and eyes.
Also a group shot is used to show the whole band together, this varies the shot types in the video.  

Also, as part of our research building up to our final idea, we looked at last years A2 groups and the music videos they had made to see what was good to include.
I looked at Emmie & Megan's music video which was Backstreet Boys, "As long as you love me", for one of their locations used in the video was the Ilkley Moor, which is now being used in our music video. 

Another influence for a specific shot to start our music video was from the film 'Paranormal Activity' this is used because there is a part of the film were the picture of the couple together is smashed on the boyfriends face, signifying bad luck to him, or something bad is going to happen to him, which in our case is that he cheats on his girlfriend. 

This shot will be used at the beginning zooming in and then coming to life, this is when the video will start. 
Black and white will be included in the video as a flashback. This will be shown in the video when the aftermath of the breakup is taking place on both behalves of the boyfriend and girlfriend. This is also being used in the previous A2 video I watched, as you can see in the picture above ^^^.
Asa recently looked at The Book of Enoch. "Fallen Angels", play a massive role in this book, and this is what has influenced us to look more in depth at the costume the band members will possible wear. Sophie has suggested black, so we are not 100% which direction we are going to take just yet, but looking at a varieties of options helps us figure out what we can imagine the band members to look like.  This picture could possibly help us figure out which route to take, Minus the Wings!! ------->

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  1. Did you always see these vids as straightforwardly positive and aspirational, or were you ever doubtful about any aspects of them?


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