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Monday, 9 January 2012

Advice from other media students!

I have recently taken a visit to Blackheath, in London to visit some friends, all who take an interest in Media Studies.

The students at Thomas Tallis school, spoke to me about what experience they have in the 'Music Vid' department area, and it just so happens that one of my friends has done a music video using similar ideas to what my group have. 
Picking a song by the well known girl band The Sugababes, using their song Too Lost in You
For the performance side to the video, she made the band members where similar clothing to the original video, casual but sexy, keeping the male gaze in mind. Each band member was walking around the streets of London, using the streets as her setting, giving it a more 'real' feel to it. 
ScreenShots from Too Lost in You video, Sugababes.
She did not include a couple in the video, instead she used a variety of couples and filmed them for a variety of shots, some in love, some crying, some arguing and even two people just meeting for the first time, sticking to the stereotypical theory of 'Love at first sight'. Something all girls dream about having, but it doesn't seem to work as much as us girls would hope!!!
The original video, consists of the girls witnessing men whilst walking past them in an airport, and a 'fantasy' of them seducing them. This gives the audience a sense of 'sexual tension' or 'Intentions'. 
I mentioned that I was considering Stop motion for the band, and another student from her class tried this, although it worked, it too a lot of time as they chose to keep pausing the camera after each shot. This can take time and work well, but will the actors be patient enough?! 
I was considering using this for the band members, or the boyfriend and girlfriend for the after math.
... Speaking to her and seeing how she worked around her video, helped knowing if you equally split the jobs then stuff will get done the way it should be, smoother and quicker!

"Good Luck to Blazing Grace! Would love to see the final product!" - Niamh, Student at Thomas Tallis School.


  1. You can effectively create stop-motion through editing continuous footage and clear direction on the movement/pace you want from performers!!!


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