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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Music Video Deconstruction 3, Born this way, Lady Gaga.

1. The first shot we see in the video is a medium shot of a large pink triangle on a black background. A unicorns head then appears from the right side of the screen into the triangle lense with a glittery effect, to emphasise the fantasy world Gaga is trying to portray.

Next we have a series of triangles compounding on top of each other, forming a series of "V" signs. A frequently used symbol by Gaga, as seen before in her previous music video "Telephone".

"This is the manifesto of Mother Monster," Gaga greets us, speaking to another one of Gaga's themes: gender equality, which is what the whole video is based on. The background behind her is a Futuristic cityscape, again another representation of Gaga's "world". The camera then follows her with the viewer also feeling like they are moving back into space. The contrast of lighting effects and quick moving background, give a hallucination effect for the viewer. She is now represented in a medium shot as some sort of ice queen.  Her headdress, neck regalia, and wardrobe is a dedicated reminder of her dear friend Alexander Mcqueen.  With the dramatic hair do shaped like the Popes hat, this also gives another representation that Gaga is God.

In the next shot we have stars that have been made to look like the female organs. Alternately, Gaga is also signaling her role as the "Mother" through some crucifixion imagery." Gaga is ready to die and be reborn for her Little Monsters seeking refuge from various forms of discrimination.

The most obvious and striking image, however is Gaga's birthing scene.Disgusting gooey birthing scene, a visual interpretation of what Gaga thinks the " future" looks like. Splitting identical cells repeatedly is something Gaga focuses on at this point in the video.  In Gaga-land, this is speaking to the "two ultimate forces" in humanity: Good and Evil.

As the eternal mother, Gaga is exercising her power as a woman and giver of life, literally birthing a new race. The "V" imagery here is another signal to show her strength as a woman, and then butterflies fly out to show that something is being reborn.

This birth gives rise to the Evil Gaga—sitting atop her trademark lightning bolts, she delivers forth a huge gun. The gun functions in the video as it would in reality, taking away life—it strips Gaga of her more worldly beauty, leaving her as a skeleton or a ghost of a person. 

Playing with juxtapositions of sexual expectations and gender roles. Gaga dresses practically naked,  in skimpy lingerie, her hair is sexed up, and her makeup is in overdrive. This can be seen as either a contrast or an oxymoron towards to whole video, seen as it is based on Feminism, she goes against what the video is to stand for and starts to appear as more of a male gaze rather than a role model for women. Yet she's barefoot and primal, grabbing herself, and dancing aggressively. 

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  1. using a colour background is rarely a good idea, and the blue-on-white is not good
    also, surely you'd embed any video you're analysing so a blog reader can watch it?


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