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Monday, 9 January 2012

AN - Costumes

AN - Costumes

Concerning the costumes in the video, the couple will be wearing everyday, casual clothing. However, they will be have different looks in each sequence to show the passage the time.

The waitress (the boyfriend has an affair with) will be wearing the a white shirt with some of the top buttons undone and a short black skirt. This will add sex appeal to the character and will fit in with the theory that blondes are the most attractive people, since the actress playing the waitress is blonde.

As for the performers, they'll be also be wearing casual clothing during the narrative sequences because they'll be making brief cameos. As for the performance sequences, they will be wearing white dresses and jewellery because they will be performing in front of a white background. In philosophical terms, the performer's clothing will represent that they might be angelic beings, since one of the performers is in the restaurant during the one of the narrative sequence and she disappears when a person walks past her. This also shows that the performers could also be fallen angels, since they are roaming around Earth in human form.

This theory also links in with the Book of Enoch which was written during the old testament because there are seven beings known as the Watchers who had to watch over Earth, but then one day defied God's orders and descended to Earth, becoming the Fallen angels. Not to mention the fact that since the clothing symbolises the performers as being angels and gives their costumes polysemic meaning, they lack wings signifying that they might not be part of Heaven after all...

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