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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Music Video Deconstruction 10, Bad Romance, Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga’s videos and performances are extremely symbolic and filled with hidden messages. Her latest video, named “Bad Romance”, describes the dark and ritualistic inner-workings of the entertainment industry, by symbolically depicting Gaga as a sex slave.

The first opening shots are of Gaga, but each time the close up is enhanced more. Framing Gaga directly in the middle, gives the audience a sense of "Deja vu" that this is a symbolic device Gaga likes to repeat. The Music doesn't start until 0.12 but at the very start a harpsicle sort of instrument is played, it gives a sense of medieval music, this is when a king of queen would be the ruler of the world, again we have had this sense of Gaga trying to be a "God-like" figure.

Next we have the sun ray beaming and panning a dark room, that looks almost like a post-mortem room, and again Gaga has repeated herself her in the sense of bringing things back to life, or like in the "born this way" video, Gaga is rebornA lot of Celebrities cannot afford to do a swanky video such as "Bad Romance" on just a low budget, so they advertise products throughout their videos, and because of this they can get the money for the video. Gaga has gone for a classy, Vodka calledNemiroff Vodka, which is meant to be the darling of the Ukraine. This product is shown a number of times throughout the video.


Next we see Gaga in a more "cooled and calmed" down outfit than before, she is wearing a sleek black jumper dress, obviously still wearing a statement making head dress. The Contrast in costume colours such as white and black, yet again repeats another theme Gaga then later used in her "Born this way" video a contrast between Good & Evil. With this over the shoulder shot, we can see Gaga is looking in the mirror, this can be compared to a fairytale, for example Snow White, Gaga is playing both the Villain, and the "Princess Like Character" with her big Russian hero to save her.  


  1. have a look at my posts on this; a key issue is the question of whether LadyG is a strong female or one being exploited for male gaze (feminist or not is a question I address)
    WORD VERIFICATION is still on

  2. best not to have image through the main body of blog, but only at sides, as with my musividz blog. you haven't changed anything from my initial comment - this is a complex vid, and every vid analysed should start with basic factual info as in my eg's


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