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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

AN - Rough cut 2 feedback

Today in class, we managed to obtain some feedback on our second rough cut. Although a new cut is in the works, this feedback was still useful. Here is what our colleagues said:

Performers need to vocalise.
Sepia is good.
Generate a still image at the beginning.
Cross faded
More performance sequences needed.
More dance moves need to be seen.
Shaky shots in some places
Cut down on the amount of narrative.
More slow-motion needs to be used in certain places.
Get a fixed shot of the rose.
Edit the video so it fits in with the beat and pacing of the track.
More variation in footage.
Split screen technique needs to be used.
Clumsy use of media language. e.g. shot of member's leg.
Layer clips
Cut to beat at points
Aspect ratio needs changing.
Change the band member's positioning around at points in the video.

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