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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

AN - Audience Feedback on Digipak

Today we managed to obtain feedback from our class colleagues on the second version of our digipak.

No information on the DVD.
Email address isn't needed.
No upper case in the web address.
The QR code needs to work, in order to show ICT skills. Linked to company blog.
The sticker on the front cover was way too big.
Huge line spacing can be seen on the sticker.
Copyright information needs to be smaller.
The main title on the front needs to be centred.
Use plain Sariff font if needed.

Inner panel 1
We decided to abandon the inner digipak design with the pictures of the wine bottles because my colleagues didn't understand the deeper meaning behind them.

Inner panel 2

Inner panel 3

Hidden credits panel

Panel behind the front cover

These next images are the panels which have been improved:

Front cover

Back panel

Now the QR code leads to the Blazing Grace production blog.

Overall from this feedback while the outer panels are fine, the inside panels need changing. So now I will allow Sophie to make the inside of the digipak and I will take over making the magazine in order to speed things up in terms of scheduling.

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