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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Evaluation Question 2, How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

Our coursework task was to produce a package which included, a Digipak, a Magazine Ad promoting the Digipak, a Music Video for a DVD to be placed into the Digipak.

As a group, we came up with our own production team, 'Blazing Grace Productions' As a group we developed our ancillary packages and produced and directed our music video, to our song 'Emotion' by Destiny's Child, which was originally sung by Samantha Sang, an Australian pop singer in the 90's. In the actual music industry separate companies would be responsible for each individual product involved in the package, so unlike our task, one company would not manufacture all three of these products.

In the actual Music Industry a company such as Epik Music Videos who direct, edit and film Music Videos, Behind The Scenes Documentaries and Event Filming. Epik Music Videos, mainly appeal to young, up and coming directors. Below is an example of a video made by Epik Music Videos.

"We make Music Videos, Electronic Press Kits (EPK’s), Behind the Scenes Documentaries AND Event Filming, all at an affordable price.
Young up and coming directorial, behind the camera and editing talent created all of the videos you can see above since May 2011.
We’re always looking for exciting artists to work with and you should expect to pay around £1,500 for a video WE LOVE MUSIC VIDEOS and are dedicated to the craft and culture. Bring on Rock, Rap and Indie, bring on Hip-Hop, Heavy Metal and Pop, bring on Classical, Dance, and Soul.Ask about our EPK package, which combines your music video and a behind the scenes.When it comes to genre you name it we can visualise it. Give us a call, email or fill out one of our contact forms (above) to get in touch and bring your 
music to life."
Here is an example of a video made via EPIK MUSIC VIDEOS:
Our music video used multi layering throughout, to show the performance and narrative, also to show the passage of time.One part of our Ancillary texts was a Digipak which is a style of CD or DVD packaging, they typically consist in the form of a book- style  paperboard or card stock outer binding, with one or more plastic trays capable of holding a CD or DVD attached to the inside, sometimes they can include pull out lyrics sheets. Originally we were not going to use layering but we thought we should involve the band from the performance aspect. Examples of Digipaks, that don't use multi layering when having spreads in the middle are one such as this :  
Here is our final Digipak covers:

Back Panel

Front Panel

The third part of our task is a Magazine Advert, this part is vital for the sell of your Digipak and Video. They can promote them seperatly with no real connection or they can sell them as a package, as the Mag ad may include something about the special features involved in the Digipak.

Magazines are a very good way of advertising promotions like this as they are regualry bought by people, usually to see a Destinys Child advert you would find it in a magazine such as 'Heat' or 'OK!'. The target age for magazines such as the above are similar to our music video (15-24), so our audience would widen if we were to put our Mag ad in a magazine such as the above. 

Here is our final Magazine Ad:

Originally we were going to use multi layering on the magazine ad to make the band look like they were walking away from the camera.
<---- This is our original picture and to include the multi layering effect, you can notice in the top left hand corner we included narrative from the video, we did this to incorporate both performance and narrative, because it can relate back to the video.
Multi-layering gives a chance for new media technologies to express a new view on music videos.

We also used multi-layering with the inner panels for our Digipak:
  The reasons for our inner panels were to represent the differences in colour and to show how time had past which can relate to our  music video. The black and white shows the past, the colour is the present tense and the sci-fi looking picture to the right is to represent the future. 
We did use the same picture with both the Digipak and Mad Ad. But we varied the colour scale so that the background was a grey scale compared to the Digipak back panel which was all kept in colour.
The spine for our Digipak is both black and white. We chose this because it can relate to the 'Ying-Yang' symbol. 
This is because you can have a dark side and a pure side, which we felt was appropriate to the music video, whether it be the deeper meaning of either the narrative or performance or just the costumes that the band members wear, relating back to the book of enoch, with the fallen angels.

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