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Monday, 5 March 2012

SD - Magazine Adverts

We have really struggled to find Destiny's Child magazine advertisements Katie is the only one that has managed to find an actual one found in Rolling Stone magazine. The other ones we've found have been fragrance advertisements released by Beyonce which are much more common. From looking at the ad's we've been able to denote there is often a lot of the colour red used in lips which we already knew is a common convention found in girl band music videos to include the male gaze theory.
The magazine advertisement I have found is a L'oreal lipstick shade (red)

The male gaze theory has been brought into the advertsement by focusing on the eyes and lips in a close up of Beyonce's face (left) On the other side of the double paged advertisement the page is split the left side left showing the product although the ad is dominated by the celebrity endorsment, Beyonce. At the far right of the ad Beyonce is featured in a short red dress showing her thighs and she is staring into the camera. Gold and white text is used, but white ontop of the image to not distract the audience too much from the image ' This is my color riche intense 375' making the audience believe that this is infact the lipstick Beyonce wears when it's probably not true. The brand is featured at the bottom in the signature Gold text which is recognisable to buyers that know the cosmetic market.

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