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Friday, 9 March 2012

SD Example One, DigiPak

SD - CD Disc Design: Example One

I have looked at a range of example of how we can design our disc to go into the digipaks, as we're having two (one for the music video we're currently producing and the other featuring other tracks by Desiny's Child) we're going to have more to think about although thetwo discs will be similar in design they will obviously have different description and information shown on the front. Hear'says single Everybody is a white disc with the letters 'R'S' in a bold blue font outlined in darker blue underneath this says Hear'say and lists four featured tracks on the CD, there is then in a very small font information on copyright and Universal Music Company below this there are two logos one Polydor (Polydor is a record company which is owned by Universal Music Group) our will instead feature Columbia Records logo as this is the record label that Destiny's Child were most recently signed to before they split. The other reading compact disc digital audio a feature that has been found on all the examples I've looked at and therefore will be featured on our disc one and two.

This shot of the band inspired a number of shots that me and Katie took during filming. The way in which we used it was to rotate the camera round to each member as their chorus in the song came up which were given to each of them to lip sync before filming.

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