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Thursday, 9 February 2012

SD - My New Narrative Idea, Change In Storyline

Although we have shot the performance aspect of the music video, we still have concerns about the narrative aspect. Our original idea were going to be one or two 'dates' in which the actors Francesca and James would act like a stereotypical couple in a good relationship. We were the going to have the chorus of our chose track Emotion followed by another narrative aspect of the couple arguing the reason for this argument was going to be because James the boyfriend) had been cheating on Francesca with a waitress at the restaurant he had previously taken her to resulting in the couple breaking up.

The new idea is going to involve instead of a third actor (the girl that worked at the restaurant that James cheated on Francesca with) we're going to do a date scene in which James will have to leave suddenly and will leave his phone at Francesca and she reads his messages and finds flirty messages from other girls, this will cause her to smash the photo of the couple which will be shot as a close up on the floor. She will then call James' house phone later on and arrange to meet the following day to return the mobile at a restaurant where the final argument and break-up will take place.

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