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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Deconstruction Of My Music Video Pitch.

Destiny's Child Official Website
Destiny's Child Wiki Link

Forming in 1997, Destiny's Child have had big hits such as Bootylicious, Survivor, Independent Woman, Lose My Breath and many more.

Australian Pop Sensation Samantha Sang!!
I have always been a fan of their R&B style music, and this is one of the main reasons for picking there music to include for my music video. 
The song Emotion was originally sung by an Australian pop singer Samantha Sang in 1977, but then recorded as a slower-tempo version by Destiny's Child. 
The music video featured a triple split-screen effect. Rowland on the left, Knowles in the center, and Williams on the right. Rowland is seen saying goodbye to her boyfriend before he leaves in a taxi. Knowles catches her boyfriend with another woman and runs around the house in tears. Williams is with her grandmother, who has died in her bed. At the end of the video Williams calls the other band members to her home. The three girls meet there and comfort each other. The screen returns to normal.
For our music video, myself, Sophie & Asa have discussed the video to include both narrative and performance. We will include 5 main cast members, three taking the roles of the band members, we have asked Melodie Abraham and Annie Cutillo for taking those roles, but we need to fill the parts of the main male role as well as the female role, and another band member. The video will take place in three main locations: Train station, a street, and a cafe. The reason for picking three locations is because each band member will come into each location and sing to the characters, but the characters will not acknowledge the singer and be arguing. The video is based on a break-up, some videos I have looked at that are based around the 'Break-Up' topic is:

 NSYNC's 'bye bye bye'
 No Doubts 'Don't Speak'
 & a more recent song Cee lo greens 'forget you'.

The video will also include flashbacks, this will shown the audience times when the couple were good together or what started the break-up to happen, so we would then change the location for this, possibly more romantic places, such as the 'cow and calf rocks' or the park.
To show the audience signs of tension and anger, Asa thought that a picture being smashed would be good to include, also we thought flowers being given one minute and then broken and thrown on the ground another is a good signifier for this. 
The target audience will be 15-24, many people in that age range can relate to the way our video will be presented.
Sophie and I will be doing some sample footage this week so soon enough we can show you what shots we are thinking about, and the locations.

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