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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Anti - Who should the PCC work for?

The PCC describe what it does well...but not who it does it for?
Hmm... well Abbey Clancy, partner to Peter Crouch, had a recent case involving the PCC. They promised to keep her pregnancy quiet until after 12 weeks, then it would be publicly published. They choose to quote that they work 'behind the scenes' to protect peoples privacy, this is particularly edging towards public figures and celebs, involving Abbey Clancy's pregnancy.
But it seems they like to contribute and offer background assistance to people in the eye of the 'press storm'. Such as Vanessa Perroncel, the woman at the centre of John Terry's story. Both of these stories caused great criticism, such as Peter Crouch for criticising 'The Sun' for breaking the news story about his partner, and Ms. Perroncel gave an interview to 'The Guardian'.
Apart from this celebs benefit from the silence of the PCC, or at least...are not harmed from it.

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