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Friday, 2 December 2011

Sample Footage Take Two!! - Girlfriend scene

Today we filmed some sample footage of three boys, Harry Knight, Ollie Moulton & Jack Margerison.
- Even though we are not using them in the actual video, we used them to take place as the three band members to see what shots we could use, how the performance would take place, and what setting could be used.
- We settled for a plain white back ground, which is similar to my original idea.

Also we filmed Sophie Dixon who was taking place as the female role of the 'girlfriend'. For similar reasons to the boys being used, Sophie was just stepping in for our actual female actor, Chessie Fox.
- We shot a variation of shots
- This filming was the girlfriends view on the aftermath of the break-up.
- Using similar shots to the male character James Newton, we intend to mix it up a bit and cross the shots with multi-layering and a split screen.

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